Thursday, August 26, 2010

Handmade Flower Tutorial

I made a card last night inspired by a Home Interior picture hanging over at my MIL's house, and I'm pretty proud of the way it turned out. All of the flowers are handmade, and so easy to do. The card probably took me a half an hour to complete, once I figured out what I was going to do. The roses are actually a technique I saw in an article in the March/April issue of Creating Keepsakes, found on page 52. The rosebuds, and the calalilies I kind of figured out myself after playing around a bit.

Here is what I started out with: 6 small circles, 2 medium circles, 3 large circles, 2 kite shapes, and 2 die cut leaves.
I began by rolling the small circles, and the 3 end leaves on each branch with the help of the end of a paint brush. I cut the medium circles in half ( they will be the center of the roses, we only use 3 out of the 4 halves), cut the large circles into spirals, and rounded the top 3 corners of the 'kites', and drew a yellow line down the center.
I glued the ends of the small circles together, and then glued them inside the 3 curled leaves. For the roses, I curled the large circles, starting from the outside rolling in, an glued it to the center. I curled the medium circle halves, glued the ends and glued them into the centers of the large circles. The calilies took a little playing around with, I rolled them around on the paintbrush end for easier shaping, I also used it to curl down the rounded edges. I then folded it in half kind of and glued the ends together.

Finally, I added some ink with a paintbrush around the edges of the roses, and added some stickles. I also added stickles to the centers of the calalilies, and arranged it all with a couple of larger leaves from Prima.
It was really easy, and so fun. It took a little bit of patience, but so worth it. Give it a try! TFSB!

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okanogangirl said...

GORGEOUS!!!! Crazy beautiful.

GLOANN said...

thanks for sharing your techniques for making the flowers. They are lovely and so is the card. Found the card with your blog link in the CK Gallery.