Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Caramel Mocha

I thought I would share my recipe for a caramel mocha. I've made it for a few people, and they really seem to like it. If you have an espresso machine, brew two shots of espresso (one if you don't like strong coffee) and pour into a large-ish mug that already has chocolate syrup (I use hershey's) and caramel ice cream topping in it ( I use smuckers). Enough caramel to cover the bottom of the cup, and enough chocolate to cover the caramel - probably about a tablespoon of each. I put an extra scoop of sugar in it because I use 2 shots of espresso, you probably won't want to do that for one. Fill the rest of the way with steamed milk (about a cup), and top with ready whip.
If you don't have an espresso can get similar results by using 1/2 cup of very strong brewed coffee ( 1/4 cup if you don't like strong coffee), and heating your milk in the microwave. Let me know if anyone tries it and what you think! TFSB.
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