Monday, August 16, 2010

Just catching up....

It occurred to me today how ridiculously behind I am with the kids scrapbooks. Oliver will be 3 in October, so I should be finishing up his 2-3 yr. album. Instead, I am only half way through his 1-2 yr. album. And, it is the same way with the rest of the kids' books. So, I find my self doing a lot of scraplifts, and some simpler page designs to try and get caught up. Here are a few pages I have done lately:

Sweet dreams: This one was kind of inspired by the Jenni Bowlin Studio products, I love her stuff, kind of vintage-y/ office inspired types of things.

He loves him : This one I actually lifted from the cover of the October issue of Scrapbooks Etc. It kind of has a school type theme to it even though it really has nothing to do with school. I find a lot of my boy pages have an office or school theme, or lots of stars. I try to make them as masculine as possible, otherwise my husband complains :)

I hope to get a lot more done with in the next couple of weeks, so I'll post some more soon. TFSB.

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