Saturday, June 18, 2016

Scrapbook Circle: Tech Tip

Hi again! I was up on the Scrapbook Circle Blog on June 8th sharing a few tips on my layering process. I'm not very tech-y, or technique-y for that matter...but I do have a few tricks when it comes to putting my pages together.

Happy Sweet Nerd
I usually start by grabbing the products I know I want to use, and just move them around with my photo on whatever background I have chosen. When I am pleased with how it looks, I take a photo with my phone. Here is the phone pic that I took of today's layout before I stuck everything down:

I also make pencil marks to make sure I start in the right place, and don't run out of room at the top or bottom once I start putting things back together. Here, I marked where the white space was going to be...

The picture and pencil marks are guidelines for putting my page back together, and I can add more detail as I stick things hidden journaling and stitching.

I might even change things around once it's coming together, and add a few more embellishments.
I have a hard time committing...I have never been a peel and stick kind of girl. So, these simple tips have really helped me to get creative with my layering....and remember how to put it back together!

Thanks for stopping by!

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