Thursday, July 21, 2011

100 Day of Summer Gift Card Tutorial

I made these gift card holders for the June Marketing Kit for Memory Works, and had several people ask for the tutorial when I included the end product on the Simple Stories Blog Hop.  It's so very easy...

Please excuse the Subway gift card, it's all that I had to demonstrate with.)These cute little gift cards are perfect for wedding and graduation gifts. This is what you start with:

 1- 4x6 journal card, and a 2.5 x 4 piece of patterned paper.

Score the journal card on either side of your piece of patterned paper. You can center it if you want, but I used the vertical lines on the journal card to determine where to make my scores.

Tape the journal card closed, and decorate both sides as desired.

Stick the paper peice into the journal card envelope about a half an inch, and punch a hole through all of it.  Thread some ribbon through the hole, and wrap it around the end of the patterned paper, and tie a bow.  Then, you just slide the paper with the gift card back into the envelope. It slides easier with more narrow ribbon, but if you want to use wide ribbon, just punch a bigger hole.

Supply List with approximate cost:
1 4x6 journal card - .20
1 2.5 x 4 piece of patterned paper - .10
6 small letter stickers - .05
5 - 10 sticker embelishments - .15
12 inches ribbon from your stash - .25
Total Cost = .75
There you have it! Cheap, quick, easy, cute, and useful!

Thanks for checking it out!
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Lynn said...

I love this idea, thanks for sharing the great tutorial on how-to!

Anonymous said...

Great idea Kelly! Thanks for sharing~Heather

Waseem said...

this is just stunning idea...the tutorial is easy to understand..thanks for sharing it as it might needed when use for Gift Card envelopes.