Monday, January 24, 2011

Unexpected Inspiration

 I recently completed this page:
 Inspired by this baby blanket:
I love everything about this blanket...the colors especially. If you find a pattern or something that you really love, take that opportunity to try out some techniques, instead of focusing so much on design.  The design of my page is pretty simple, I think, but it's colors, and texture that make it pop.  I cut some circles and put them in a polka dot embossing folder, and colored the dots with a white paint pen...and it ended up mimicking the blanket perfectly.  It's also a mostly cardstock LO, which I love, because I have a ton of it. So, if you are in a  slump, take a moment to glance around, and see what inspires you.

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Anonymous said...

Love it!

From Cathy

Kelly said...

Thanks for sending me the picture of the blanket!

perennial-mommy said...

Love the scrapbook page!