Tuesday, September 14, 2010

DIY scarf tutorial

I came across this DIY scarf in a magazine, and thought it was pretty awesome. Especially, since I was going to try to knit myself a grey scarf this fall, but really didn't see it happening, and this was a whole lot quicker. Here it is, you start with an old shirt:
Lay it flat and snip of the top of the shirt with one horizontal cut under the arm holes. Toss the top half.
Now create fringe along the unhemmed side of what's left by snipping every half inch.
Ta-da! Presto chang-o: shirt to cute scarf. (I think it's cute, anyway.) And it only took 5 minutes.
( Picture courtesy of my daughter, Leah. Didn't she do a good job?) It would look cute from a shirt with a pattern, too. But, I didn't have one.
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Lynnette Davis said...

This is a really cool idea....I'm gonna have to try it with one of our old shirts.

Kelly said...

Thanks, I thought so too. It would be really cute with a striped shirt :)