Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bella Blvd: New Winter CHA Collections

Hi, I'm sharing a project for each of the four new collections from Bella Blvd. I know that I say it every time, but this is by far my favorite release :) There are three themed collections: Simply Spring, Star Student, and Camp Out. And, the last collection is the new everyday collection called Color Chaos. Along with these new lines are some fun new specialty papers and embellishments. Let me show you what I've been up to...

You can see the full collection reveal HERE.

Spring Chickens
Simply Spring (Gingham, Borders, Daily Details, Clouds Clear Cut, Treasures&Text, Trinkets)
Enamel DooDads (Ice)
Ciao Chip (Amorie Peep Alpha)
Designer Tape (Chevron Combo, Polka Dot Combo)

I know, I know...It's a layout about my chickens. But, I had a photo of them, and I couldn't resist :)

Those clouds that you see are one of the new specialty papers called Clear Cuts...seriously, endless possibilities with these. They're amazing!

Next up...
You can see the full collection reveal HERE.

Teacher's Pet
Star Student (Typewriter Clear Cut, Daily Details, Treasures&Text)
High Five Alphas (Green)
Enamel Dots (Bell Pepper)

We home school, so now I'm going to have to do a page about all four of my school aged children with the same title....otherwise I'm going to have issues :)

The typewriter text is another one of the Clear Cuts cool!

The third one is...

You can see the full collection reveal HERE.

Catching a River Monster
Camp Out (Fresh Air Invisibles, Daily Details, Borders, Treasures&Text)
Color Chaos (Pickle Juice Strandz)
High Five Alphas (Brown-Cream, Color Wheel)

The left half of this page is from the other specialty paper line, and they are called Invisibles. These papers are a bit more thick than the Clear Cuts, and are either a bracket or a scallop.

I cut this one in a little less than half and stitched it to half of an 8.5x11 for my background.

The grand finale....

You can see the full collection reveal HERE.

Color Chaos (Scallop Strands, Punch Confetti Clear Cut, Pickle Juice Confetti Clear Cut, Ice Confetti Clear Cut, Bell Pepper confetti Clear Cut, Treasures&Text, Just Write Journaling Stickers)
 Enamel DooDads (Ice)
High Five Alphas (Pink-Red, Green, Color Wheel)

This collection is a bit bigger than the other three, and can be used for any occasion.

The polka dots are yet another variety from the Clear Cuts papers...such a fun way to add color!

Those are some of the brand new products from Bella Blvd! Can't wait to get your hands on them? They start shipping in hold tight :)

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